Roof construction & Reliable Repairs For All Types of Roofs in Inverness

Whether it’s a leaking roof that needs to be fixed straight away, gutters that need to be cleared, repair work to a chimney, or you’d simply like to schedule a roof inspection, we’re here to help.

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Procraft Roofing is a local reputable family business you can trust. We are recommended by our customers and trusted by you to do the work to the highest quality.

We use only good quality products from reputable companies and we are proud of our workmanship.

We are experienced and have many years in the roofing trade, we pride ourselves in doing a quality and professional job.

We do not take shortcuts in our work, nor do we sub-contract out.

Over 20 Years’ Experience Building, Fixing and Servicing Roofs.

We believe that all roof work is worth doing properly, no matter if it is just a simple tile replacement or a complete flat roof construction job.
All of our work comes with a 100% guarantee, so you can be assured you are getting first class treatment with the Procraft service.

What roof repair problem do you need help with?

Emergency Roof Repairs​

Finding the source of leaks & carrying out emergency repair work.

Flat & Felt Roof Repairs​

Detecting & fixing leaks in all types of flat roof; including felt, asphalt & lead.

Pitched & Tile Roof Repairs​

Replacing broken or slipped tiles, repairing flashings and renewing timber structures. We work with all manner of roof tile related work.

Slate Roof Specialists​

Slated roofs are one of the most practical and longest lasting roof systems available, and depending on climate, slate roofs can last as long as 200 years with regular maintenance.

Repairing Broken Gutters​

If your gutters are blocked or broken, water can work its way into the roof causing damp problems, we make sure your gutters are clean and your roof lining system is in good condition.

Chimney Repairs​

Comprehensive chimney repairs to make sure your chimney problems do not lead to other issues.

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Roofer Inverness

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Roofers Inverness

If you’re in Inverness and in need of local roofers with a wealth of experience, then call Procraft Roofing Services on:

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Roofer, Inverness: Reliable, Trusted, and Experienced!

In need of an experienced and reliable roofer? Inverness is served by Procraft Roofing! Based in Inverness, we cover all areas throughout Inverness, providing a suite of roofing services to homeowners, landlords, commercial property owners and developers.
No job is too small. Every job gets our best attention, expert craftsmanship, and completed to the highest of standards.
Get in contact with an experienced roofer in Inverness today.

Emergency Roof Repairs in Inverness

When disaster strikes, Procraft Roofing is at-the-ready! We do get busy but we never subcontract!
We have a large crew, each is experienced, trusted, reliable and extremely courteous. We operate to high standards, respect customers and their properties, and strive to leave your property in a better condition than we found it.
Our purpose is to serve our customers with the highest quality of roofing services, including the supplies, the labour, and the completed project that will last for years.

By hiring a local roofer in Inverness, customers save on travel expenditure, and get a speedier service.
All types of roof restoration services are available from fixing single shingles to complete roof restoration services, replacing damaged fascia boards, or repairing broken guttering.

Whatever your roof is in need of, Procraft Roofing can make cost-effective repairs with long-lasting results.

For emergency roof repairs in Inverness.

New Roof Installations

Procraft Roofing have a vast amount of experience working on domestic and commercial roofing projects ranging from installing flat roofs on commercial buildings, conservatories and garages with either fiberglass, traditional felt, or rubber flat roofs. All are installed at suitable slopes to ensure sufficient rainwater run-off to prevent standing water damaging the roof.
For new build projects, we can assist in the design and planning stage to give your property a truly standout design. Choose from a range of gable roof styles (open gable, box gable, crossed gable), A-Frame roof designs, saltbox roofs or hipped roofs.
Whatever ideas you have for a new roof installation, Procraft Roofing can assist.

Flat Roof Repairs or Replacements

Procraft Roofing is experienced in flat roof repairs and installations. We can supply and install traditional felt flat roofs, rubber flat roofs or for a longer-lasting flat roof, talk to us about our fibreglass. Fibreglass flat roofs are less prone to faults, and typically have a long life of over 20 years.

All our flat roofs are installed with the appropriate slope to prevent water pooling on the surface.
Flat roofs are often the preferred choice for smaller buildings such as outbuildings, garages, and home extensions as they are cheaper than a pitched roof.

On existing flat roof installations, common repairs are fixing cracks, punctures, splits, and repairing leaking flashing.
Depending on the extent of the damage, we can provide an affordable temporary flat roof repair to stop immediate water ingress until you consider your options. Permanent flat roof repairs can be done using heat treatment to add a layer on top of an existing material, which can be cost effective provided the existing material is in good enough condition to be saved.
Should the material be degraded to the extent that a permanent repair would not suffice, we can provide our best advice and a competitive quote for a new flat roof installation.