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Procraft Roofing. provide a wide range of services to domestic & residential property owners. From repairs, re-pointing & waterproofing to complete rebuild of pitched & flat roofs, our team of experts are here to ensure your home receives the very best experience & service.

Benefit from our roofing expertise

Is your roof cracked or suffering from a leak? Don’t worry, as Procraft Roofing Services is here for you. We provide top-quality roofing repairs to help increase the lifespan of your roof considerably. From tiled roof repairs to storm damage work and roof maintenance, you can come to us.

Chimney Repairs

The image shows signs that the chimney is in need of re-pointing and re-stabilizing.  The wind and rain is eroding the concrete coating and the exposed brickwork has evidence of loose mortar and the brickwork itself is crumbling.  This chimney is in need of repair to stop it deteriorating further.  Eventually the risk is the chimney eventually falls damaging the roof and passers by.  Inspections and small repairs undertaken early will prevent larger, more expensive repairs if left.

Procraft Roofing can perform all of the above services and more to keep your chimney in tip-top shape.

We can also remove chimneys, if necessary.  If the chimney is not being used, and perhaps the attic is to be converted into a living space, then it makes sense to remove the chimney for the extra space.

Verges And Ridges

Ridges and Verges are in constant need of attention! You must make sure they are repaired and protecting your roof, they take huge beatings during the winter times and birds pick away at them during the summer. These new additions will provide support and protection to your roof and house.

We carry out repairs to the roof verges and the ridges.  We also install new dry verge and dry ridge systems.  The new upgrades do not require the constant repairs that the mortar type of installation do, plus they are more stable, waterproof and help prevent the birds from entering the roof space which may cause damage.


This chimney is in desperate need of re-pointing, it shows areas where it has been re-pointed before but there is a large area where the mortar has crumbled showing gaps between the brickwork.  The ridge tiles have been re-bedded and a new roof one side, lead work replaced and the roof on the other side is in good condition, also showing stable ridge tiles.  Why the chimney was not repaired at the same time is puzzling!  We can inspect your roof for signs of wear and tear, including the chimney.

Pointing refers to the exposed finish of mortar joints in facing brickwork. For many years we have been developing effective solutions in these various skills with a common purpose and shared vision to enable us to achieve the sensitive restoration of our homes.

Mortar Repairs

Chimney Repairs

Over time, the weather erodes the mortar, and the natural movement of the building, leading to cracking, crumbling mortar.  This will eventually cause the brickwork to become unstable. In some cases, it can lead to the chimney becoming so unstable it could fall and damage the roof and anything beneath or near to the property. To prevent further damage it is better and cheaper to re-point the chimney and secure it, than leave it and let it deteriorate and cause bigger problems and more expensive repairs.

Roof Verge Repairs

Wet mortar is used when the existing mortar between tiles and bricks breaks apart. This sometimes leaves a gap where water can get under the tiles. Birds and rodents can also burrow in and make their nest under the tiles.  Roof verges also need to be checked for loose mortar, again birds and other small animals/insects may gain entry to the roof space and any rain water may also enter the roof space causing further damage.

Our re-pointing and mortar replacement services will prevent this damage.

We remove any loose mortar and replace with new mortar to secure any roof verges, ridge tiles or re-point chimneys.

We also provide a dry roofing system upgrade service, which has many more advantages than the old mortar systems.

Check it out on our Dry Verge-Ridge page.

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